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May X Meowth

The Girl and the Cat Who Leapt Through Time

The Timeslipshipping Livejournal Community
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This is a community devoted to the pairing of May and Meowth of Pokemon
Community is OPEN!!! ^ - ^ ; ; ;

Accepting ALL membership! Anyone of all ages who are supporters of May x Meowth (can be friends only) or are just big May fans or Meowth fans may join!

This is a community devoted to the pairing of May and Meowth from the Pokemon anime. Feel free to post fics, art (can be doujinshi), or just discuss anything about the pairing itself.

Basic Rules for this community:

1) Adult content is allowed, but only if you put an adult lock for explicit adult content and/or rate your work (whether it be fan art or fanfic).

2) No rude or abusive comments (a.k.a. trolling)

3) Please, keep swearing to a minimum

4) No spamming

5) Put long entries under a LJ-Cut

6) Have fun!


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